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Strength Training Exercises – Important Facts You Might Not Be Aware Of

Strength training exercises are so-called because resistance is used to oppose muscle contraction in order to increase strength, enhance endurance and build muscle. Strength training may be done with or without weights. Weight training, as its name implies, is strength training where weights like dumbbells and barbells are used to create resistance, build muscle and…

The Benefits of Strength Training

There are major benefits that come along with strength training. These benefits are sometimes endless, but things such as increased strength, muscular endurance, power, and tendon and ligament strength. But many people also forget the health benefits involved with strength training, like lowering of blood pressure, improves function of our immune system,better joint functions and…

4 Steps To Creating A Triathlon Strength Training Program

Strength training is an often neglected aspect of the majority of endurance based athletes. This is even more true for age group endurance athletes who must juggle family responsibilities and job responsibilities while attempting to compete in various triathlon competitions at varying distances. No matter if you are a triathlete focusing on sprint races or…