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How to Get Broader Shoulders – 3 Ways to Get Broad Shoulders Without Using Weights

On a skinny guy the shoulders are one of the most noticeable areas, and so figuring out how to get broader shoulders is a top priority. While weight training is a great way to build big broad shoulders, it is not always possible for the home-based trainer or folks who can’t afford expensive gym memberships. But can you really get broader shoulders without using weights?

Yes. By widening out your whole upper body you can give the impression of being much bigger than you actually are, without having to put on insane amounts of muscle…check out any swimmer and you’ll see what I mean – these guys are not muscle-bound but they have some seriously wide and broad shoulders.

In this article I’d like to give you 3 tips and exercises that will show you how to get broader shoulders and help you build more upper body muscle, to get that classic V-shape physique, without spending hours weight training in the gym.

Swim Regularly

As I’ve already mentioned above, swimmers know the secret of how to get broader shoulders without slaving away in the gym.

The natural resistance of the water and large range of motion that is necessary for many of the strokes results in a wide chest and back, and big broad shoulders.

Aim to get a regular swimming routine going, 3 times a week is ideal, and push yourself each time to better your previous visit. By swimming regularly you’ll build up great stamina and get broader shoulders.


It never ceases to amaze me how many folks neglect the humble push-up when thinking about how to get broader shoulders and gain muscle mass in general.

By performing push-ups regularly you’ll see a massive change in your upper body within a matter of weeks, and get broader shoulders fast. The secret is to increase the number of reps by a small amount gradually. Over time this effort snowballs and you’ll find yourself doing many more than ever imagined possible.

Mix up your push-up routines to work multiple muscle groups – do this by changing your grip and hand placement. Wide-grip push-ups will build you a wide back and broad shoulders, while close-grip ones will work the triceps and chest more.


Another super exercise that can be done at home or anywhere that has a secure bar. Heck, even a good strong tree branch will do…just make sure it really is SECURE, you don’t want it snapping on you half way through.

Chin-ups can be tough if you’ve never done them before…but don’t worry if you can only do one rep. The important thing is to apply the little and often incremental increases much like in your push-up routine.

Likewise change up your grips to work different muscle groups. Overhand wide-grip chin-ups are the best for how to get broader shoulders as they work the shoulders, triceps and lats for the great V-shape.