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How to Stretch Muscles Safely

An important aspect of your exercise routine, stretching muscles safely can increase flexibility, reduce risk of injury, and provide pain relief associated with exercise. As most aerobic and strength training programs naturally cause muscles to contract and flex, it’s important to balance the workout with lengthening, or stretching, muscles afterward. Regular stretching after a workout…

The 5 Major Benefits of Stretching After Exercise

Stretching is a simple, effective activity that enhances athletic performance, reduces muscle soreness after exercise, and decreases the likelihood of pain and discomfort. There are five major benefits of stretching: Reduce Muscle Soreness after Exercise Post-exercise muscle soreness often accompanies strenuous activity, particularly if you have not cooled down properly. The pain is caused by…

Do You Know Importance Of Stretching Exercises?

Although stretching exercises were ignored for many years in sport, Post-Exercise Stretching is now an accepted part of the training routine. Its purpose is not the same as the stretching exercises carried out when limbering up. Post-exercise stretching is part of the dynamic phase of the work when warming up, whereas post-exercise stretching is carried…