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How to Detect Your Breast Cancer

The main effective method to fight breast cancer is to detect it early. Breast self-examination might be of assistance, though the most effective tools to detect breast cancer are mammography and clinical breast exam by your health professional. Actually, women who carry out habitual breast self-exams find 90% of all breast masses. Women who decide…

Prostate Health: What You Should Know?

Last year, the National Cancer Institute, estimated having 240,890 new cases of prostate cancer in the United States. There was also, 33,720 deaths reported from prostate cancer. The prostate issue came to light recently when I read about the Canadian Movember Foundation. Last year, this charity raised a total of $22.3 million for prostate cancer….

Prostate Cancer Treatments Are on the Forefront of Technology

Technology is amazing and it’s life changing in more ways than can be counted. For one, there is the internet that gives you access to information all over the world and has opened up your avenue for research into the other areas of technology available. For some, especially those with life threatening diseases, it is…