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Prostate Cancer Radiation Treatment

The majority of men will develop an enlarged prostate sometime in their lifetime. The symptoms include: difficulting in starting urination, weak flow of urination, need to urinate frequently. Men that suffer from these symptoms should seek medical advice to ensure that it only an enlarged prostate that is causing the problem, and not prostate cancer….

Nutrition Tips and More to Lower Your Risk of Breast Cancer

September is a special month, not only for all of the fall lovers out there, but for those women who have suffered, are suffering, or know someone who is suffering from breast cancer. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, an entire month designated for the annual campaign to raise awareness for a disease that has…

Common Treatments For Prostate Cancer Patients

Prostate cancer is a dreadful disease. Most of the time, a patient die not because of acquiring the disease, but because of the painful symptoms itself. Since the cancer cells are contaminating other parts of the body, it causes certain complications especially to the reproductive organs or the bones. Prostate cancer does not have concrete…

Breast Cancer – How To Prevent This Disease

Breast cancer is a disease where the breast and the surrounding tissues are attacked by malignant cancer cells. The person with breast cancer is bound to experience a lot of problems including problems with health and a fenago of emotional trauma. Fortunately, the medical science has developed and prospered enough to prescribe certain effective measures…