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Dumbbell Fitness, Strength and Physique Training – For Fast Results

Everyone is looking for the piece of fitness equipment that will produce fast, consistent results.

But don’t let fantastic claims and flashy marketing fool you… this miracle training device is common to most gyms and home workout areas alike.

So what is this wonderful training tool that can simultaneously improve all the physical abilities needed for exceptional fitness, increase total body strength and blast off unwanted fat?

It is the dumbbell!

You see, somewhere in the long history as one of the most effective and versatile fitness strength training tools… the dumbbell took a wrong turn.

By being reduced down to pretty pink and blue, light (extremely light) dumbbells, and marketed as “toning”, “shaping” and “sculpting” tools… the dumbbell has lost its true VALUE in a well rounded dumbbell fitness, strength and physique training program.

And even when a full rack of dumbbells are available, (as they are in most gyms), the heavier dumbbells are rarely, if ever, used. (When was the last time you had to wait for a set of 100 lb. dumbbells?)

It’s a shame really… you’ve had the dumbbell at your disposal all this time, and never took full advantage of it!

Let’s look at a couple of rules to help you start using the dumbbell to it’s full potential…

Dumbbell Fitness, Strength And Physique Training Rule #1… It’s About Fitness!

The very design of the dumbbell make them extremely versatile… you can use them for two arm movements, single arm movements and alternating movements.

The different weights available, (ranging from moderately light to extremely heavy), make them accessible for a wide variety of full range strength exercises… and provides for a systematic progression of improvement.

This makes them uniquely capable tools for the improvement of a great many physical abilities needed for exceptional fitness.

The problem is… no one knows what FITNESS is! The fitness world has been infiltrated with bodybuilding practices for so long, people have lost the ability to distinguish between fitness and muscle building.

My Definition Of Fitness…

The acceptable and deliberate compromise of competence and ability to perform in all the areas of cardiorespiratory endurance, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance, accuracy and toughness to produce optimum performance results under the greatest amount of circumstances.

Dumbbell fitness, strength and physique training can improve all the abilities needed for all-around fitness… as well as develop rock solid muscle in all the right places!

But only if they are used to their full potential… and not as some “light weight – high rep” toning gadget.

Dumbbell Fitness, Strength And Physique Training Rule #2… Lift Heavy For Strength!

While heavy barbell training is the method of choice for those seeking incredible strength… heavy dumbbell exercise can add a dynamic to strength training that barbells can’t.

By performing a variety of two arm lifts, one arm lifts and alternating lifts, you will create strength directly related to many of the activities of sport, work and life… meaning strength you can use to perform those activities better. (Isn’t that one of the driving forces that encourages us to work out in the first place?)

Your core muscles will be positively effected, stabilizing the body and allowing great strength to be exerted from the extremities.

By using a combination of grinding “slow” lifts, explosive “quick” lifts and dumbbell combo matrixes, you can improve strength and power… while SIMULTANEOUSLY improving heart and lung function and burning off large quantities of fat.

So don’t be afraid to go heavy with your dumbbell training… the RESULTS are just too good to pass up!

Dumbbell Fitness, Strength And Physique Training Rule #3… Combine Strength Training & Cardio For Fast Physique Transformation! It’s true… dumbbell training can and will “tone”, “shape” and “sculpt” your muscles into the lean, muscular, athletic body without unwanted fat you’ve always wanted!

Dumbbells can do all the things people say about them, just not by using the “light weight – high repetition” method most people use.

As a matter of fact, by using heavier dumbbells for strength and explosive power and reducing the rest periods between exercises… you will blast heart and lung power through the roof AND burn off more fat than the “traditional” resistance exercise + aerobic exercise method.

This means you can improve every aspect of fitness, create a muscular physique and burn off ugly fat ALL IN THE SAME SHORT WORKOUT!

Dumbbell fitness, strength and physique training enables you to get fantastic fitness results you can USE and noticeable physique changes you can SEE… in the shortest time possible!

In Conclusion…

Isn’t it time you took another look at dumbbell training?

Stop looking a dumbbell exercises as “secondary” exercises to be performed as an afterthought to your barbell or machine workout… and you might just discover the answer to your fitness, strength and physique improvement goals.

By combining grinding “slow” lifts, explosive “quick” lifts and dumbbell combo matrixes… you too can discover the true power of dumbbells.

In one short workout session, you will be able to improve all the physical abilities necessary for elevated fitness, build usable strength to improve everyday life and create the solid, shapely body void of fat you’ve always wanted.

The dumbbell… now that’s one great piece of equipment!