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Insight Into the Benefits of Power Yoga

Yoga provides lasting transformation and instant gratification – both of which are very important in the fitness world. Physical exercise that is monotonous can often be discouraging and can lead to stagnation. Yoga, however, can help to change your mental and physical capacity at a faster rate and can help to prepare your body and mind for health that will last long-term. Yoga can be practiced by people of all ages and this is considered a major advantage of Yoga. Yoga helps to improve your overall health and fitness while helping to relive stress. Yoga helps to get you more focused by un-cluttering your mind.

Different styles of Yoga are practiced across the globe such as relaxation yoga, power yoga, prenatal yoga, hot yoga, etc. You can pick a style of Yoga that fits your lifestyle and benefit from the many advantages that Yoga has to offer you. Yoga focuses on flexibility and strength training and this will help you to strengthen your body from the inside out. The Yoga postures will strengthen your muscles and reinforce the muscles located around your spine. The spine is considered the core of the body and if you are able to strengthen your spine, many issues related to your back, neck and shoulder could be rectified. Yoga also helps to improve your body posture and this can help you to prevent medical problems that are related to your back, shoulder and neck.

Power Yoga

Power Yoga has its roots from Hatha Yoga and is a style of Yoga that originated from the United States. Power Yoga became popular in the US during the mid 1990s and was created to make Astanga Yoga more accessible to the people in the Western countries. The emphasis of power yoga is on strength and flexibility and the way it is practiced will differ from one teacher to the other. Power yoga was responsible for bringing Yoga into the gyms of the US, where people began to consider it as a unique way to workout.

Benefits of Power Yoga

It will help to increase strength, flexibility and endurance.
The holding postures practiced in the routine will test the physical stamina and mental endurance of your body as you will have to hold the postures for extended breaths.
This routine will help you to increase your arm and shoulder strength, as you will be using your body weight for resistance.
Your back muscles will strengthen and it will be able to support your spine better. This will help to avoid medical conditions related to your back, shoulder and neck.
People who have average or poor posture will be able to see good results as their posture improves through this yoga routine.
Power Yoga will stretch your hip flexors and will help in rebuilding it.
Your body core muscles will sharpen and refine your abdominal and oblique muscles.
Your hamstrings, glutes, calves and quads will tighten and increase in length wherever needed.
There is no denying that power yoga has many advantages and if properly practiced can make your body fit, flexible and strong. It is always a good option to practice yoga in the presence of an expert until you have mastered the routine to help avoid any injury.