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Strength Training Exercises – Important Facts You Might Not Be Aware Of

Strength training exercises are so-called because resistance is used to oppose muscle contraction in order to increase strength, enhance endurance and build muscle. Strength training may be done with or without weights. Weight training, as its name implies, is strength training where weights like dumbbells and barbells are used to create resistance, build muscle and…

Getting a Bigger Butt With Kettlebell Workouts

It goes without saying that the majority of fitness professionals discourage you from spot-training any one particular area for exercise or weight loss. However, bestselling author Tim Ferriss makes a strong case in favor of kettlebell exercises for women who want to get a bigger butt. Having previous experience (and little interest) of kettlebell training,…

Fitness Workouts – Keep Yourself Motivated To Continue With Your Fitness Workouts

There are many things you can do to keep yourself motivated to continue with your fitness workouts. It’s not always easy staying consistent with an exercise routine but below I’m going to share some things that have kept me going throughout the years. Finding a fitness workout that you like. It makes it easier to…