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Implications of Raw Food Diet – Weight Loss

There is a flurry of information on the topic of weight loss but one common thing that you find in these diet regimes related to weight loss is that they all advocate raw food. Human race in the ancient times did not know how to cook food and they totally depended on what nature has to offer to us. We used to consume fruits and vegetables as such without any modifications made to it by cooking and our race has always stayed healthy when it comes to body weight and fitness.

Also we had to roam through the jungles in order to find food because we have invented agriculture only around 4000 years ago whereas humans have been roaming on our planet for more than 2 million years. We have a distant connection with food that is not cooked and by our latest medical research we are able to find more clues on the positive implications of consuming in raw. When we cook the food, the constituents of our foods are being modified and most of the times we are losing the essential nutrients that are naturally available in our food by cooking.

Uncooked food has lot of fiber in it which can help in digestion and detoxification of your body but you can not totally survive on raw food. All the nutrients can not be provided by raw foods alone and hence you must consult a qualified nutritionist to develop a diet that is convenient for you. Weight loss is dependent not only on food but also on psychological and physical activity in your daily life.

You have to eat enough food that supplies required nutrition and do exercise moderately to keep up your fitness and confidence levels. A positive attitude to life can very well improve your psychological conditions that can help you supplement your raw food diet to lose weight.