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A Breakfast Casserole Perfect for Busy Mornings

In a world where we hear “eat breakfast!” constantly, it’s amazing how many people I run into on a daily basis that don’t in fact “eat breakfast.” What’s even more amazing is that most of them say the same thing: “I don’t have time.” Well it’s time to make time and a great way of doing that is with a breakfast casserole. Its easy, good for you, tastes amazing, and will actually help you feel and look better. This is a lofty set of can-do’s, but it’s all true.

First it’s easy. And I do mean easy. Simply add your favorite cooked meats and veggies in the bottom of a casserole dish. Next pour a nice smooth mixture of 12-15 eggs and milk (I actually use coconut milk!). I usually season my egg mixture with salt and pepper as well. Top the whole casserole with your choice of cheese and pop it into the oven. I bake my breakfast casseroles on 350 degrees for about 45 minutes. Just keep an eye on it, and pull it out when the cheese is brown and crusty and the center of the casserole has a firm jiggle to it.

To make this casserole truly easy, I suggest making it on Sunday and heating it up throughout the week. It just needs a few seconds in the microwave and you are good to go. You could even cut out a portion and heat it on an English muffin or tortilla for an instant breakfast sandwich or breakfast burrito. There are so many great combinations out there to keep it interesting. My personal favorite is sausage, mushroom, spinach, and cheese. I’m sure you’ll find a favorite too.

So how is this good for you? First of all, eggs are a great source of protein and healthy fats and vitamins. Vegetables are a great place to gain some energy and nutrients. And dairy is also a nice steady source of protein-based energy. Coconut milk can still bring some great calcium and vitamins to the mix if you would like to avoid dairy. Sausage and bacon are questionable, but with so many great options in chicken or turkey you can really remove some of the guilt here. The biggest benefit you have given yourself really comes from “breaking the fast” your body goes into during sleep. You will find more energy and balance throughout your day with a low carb, high protein breakfast.

All we’re left with is how this can make you look good too. Well, the biggest impact this breakfast may have is that it is real food that you made. If you can work at making most of your meals appear from your own kitchen, you are doing great things for your health. I’m going to bet your waistline will look better, your metabolism will perk up, and that you just might have some energy left at 5 for a walk or workout. It’s certainly a tasty way to “diet.”

Hopefully you’ve been a little inspired to take control of your excuses for no breakfast. It’s a worthwhile lifestyle choice. Eating real food first thing in the morning will give back much more than the time it took to make a breakfast casserole.