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Moderate Exercise Is Good During Pregnancy

A new pregnancy study revealed that supervised moderate exercise during pregnancy could do wonders for the would-be-mom and child. Previously, lifting weights or working out during pregnancy was considered harmful for the mother and baby alike. However, researchers now say that moderate exercise and weight lifting is helpful for a safe and normal delivery. It produces a relaxin hormone that helps to make the connective tissue more lax; thus, preparing the body of the pregnant woman to give birth. But increased quantity of relaxin hormone can cause injury; therefore, researchers generally recommend low to moderate exercises during pregnancy.

The following are some exercises that one can consider during pregnancy. However, it is recommended to consult with the health care provider before you begin exercising. Also, make sure that a professional health and fitness expert is supervising the pregnant woman doing the workouts.

Swimming: Many health professionals recommend swimming as one of the safest exercises during pregnancy. Swimming helps the pregnant women to keep their body well toned, without adding stress to the joints. In addition, swimming increases the heart rate, allowing the pregnant women to enjoy a safe cardiovascular exercise, without causing overheating. However, water-skiing and should be avoided during pregnancy.

Kegel Exercises: These exercises help pregnant women to have easier birth. Kegel exercises help to strengthen the muscles during pregnancy, which in turn, helps to develop the ability of the pregnant women to control their muscles during labor and childbirth. In addition, strengthening and toning these muscles will help to minimize two pregnancy-related problems – hemorrhoids and bladder leaks.

Heath professionals also recommend Kegel exercises after pregnancy as they can also promote perineal healing, strengthen pelvic floor muscles, and help to regain bladder control. And, one can do these Kegel exercises anywhere, without anyone noticing that the pregnant woman is actually doing them.

Walking/ Running & Jogging: Walking is both safe and beneficial for the body during pregnancy. It is easier on the knees of the pregnant women than jogging or running. Better yet, one can go for a brisk walking according to their schedule. While walking during pregnancy, make sure you stretch well before and start slowly. Also wear good sports shoes and it will reduce the pressure on your feet and thus, decrease the risk of falling.

Pregnant women who are used to running can continue with that; however, speak to the health care provider before starting a running program during pregnancy. And have lots of water and take glucose after running to be well hydrated. Also, avoid over-heating and use good quality running shoes while running.

Yoga: Yoga is a good option during pregnancy. It has a long-standing reputation for helping to relieve stress and allows you to reduce the pressure on your body. Better yet, most of such exercises are safe for the would-be moms and the baby. However, avoid yoga that is excessively rigorous, or those where you need to lie flat on the back for prolonged periods. In addition, avoid over stretching. There is some yoga classes specially designed for pregnant women, which mostly including simple breathing exercises.

Aerobics & Dance: Both aerobics and dance are good exercises for a pregnant woman. But here again, it is recommended to consult with the health care provider before you begin with such programs. Keeping the balance is usually a difficult thing, so be careful, especially during the advance stages of pregnancy. Just like yoga, there are some special aerobics and dance classes for pregnant women and many clubs offer them. However, avoid leaping, spinning, and jumping; rather opt for simple steps that you enjoy and help you to stay fit.