How To Stay Motivated In Your Exercise

It’s easy to decide to get into shape, to explode up from the couch one day and declare to the world that from now on you will be a fitness maverick, you will exercise right and eat right until you look like an Adonis, that nothing will hold you back. But how many of us end right back on the couch some three weeks later, bored and burned out and eating chips and watching TV? If you want to exercise long and hard and make it a habit and not a fad, then you need to develop good motivators, and nothing helps you stay as motivated as much as friends and family. Here are some key ways that friends and family can do just that for you.

The classic way to stay motivated is to work out with a buddy. This is a classic because nothing motivates you as much as knowing that somebody you care about is depending on you, is waiting for you at the gym, is outside your house honking their car horn urging you to come out. While it’s easy to blow off a commitment with yourself, it’s much harder to do so with a friend.

The second option is to join a group or team, and to exercise with them on a regular schedule. Doing so not only helps you get in shape, but it also helps you socialize and make new friends who want to have the same healthy habits as you want to acquire. Whether this is a running group, an intramural soccer team, or simply a cardio class, having people by your side can really get you going.

Another and new way to go about fitness is to join a fitness community online, a group that posts frequently to a blog or forum and can give you expert advice and support. When you have a group of friends online they can be a source of strength but not overwhelm you with pressure. This method works great for people who want support but are strong enough to go it alone without having someone holding their hand.