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Natural Health For Kids Can Be the Most Satisfying For All Concerned

The best natural health for kids is one which they enjoy taking, learn to use themselves in time, and totally resolves the problem. This combination provides the most satisfactory results, but can seem a tall order.

Let’s look at each item.

Few people would consider taking a medication an enjoyable experience. And children can create all sorts of reasons not to take it. Parents and medical staff are often firmly routed in the belief that they know best, that the child doesn’t know what is good for them and needs to be forced.

I have come to realise, after years of being in practice, that this concept is faulty. This is not a realisation I came to lightly. But years of watching and learning lead me to this obvious conclusion: the fact that children know far more than adults, what is good for their health. Even babies know best.

By asking the child, or simply showing them the bottle of the medicine you want to give them and watching their reaction, you will come to know what is best for them. Small children are better at this than the older ones, who have started to feel the constraints of peer pressure.

One mum related to me that her toddler firmly grasps the bottle of the medicine she needs and no-one can take it off her for the duration she needs to hold it. Once she is ready to let it go, usually a few hours, her problem has disappeared.

Does this sound a more effective way of treating kids than forcing it, often being held down by more than one adult?

When kids have this measure of control over their own health, they grow up learning all the different names of the medicines and easily grasp the entire concept behind this type of healing. They know what they need, and when.

Natural health means quickly resolving any problem as it arises, not by masking the effects, but by dealing with the cause. This is different for everyone. So everyone needs a different treatment.

Homeopathy is one of the most effective, powerful and rapid modalities of health care, whether natural or not. It’s gentle but deep actions are loved by children. Never again will you have to create clever ways to make them take the medicines. In fact, they will tell you what they want – they’ll be asking YOU.