Common Treadmill Workout Mistakes

Using a treadmill to reach your weight loss goals can prove effective. Treadmills are a very popular way to get in a good calorie burn during the day. However, getting the maximize workout with the treadmill is harder that just getting on the machine, pressing power, and walking for a period of time. The following are common mistakes that people often make when using the treadmill.

· Mistake #1 – Being unfamiliar with how the treadmill works. Few people really know what their treadmill is capable of. Did you take the time to read the handbooks that came with the treadmill? Many treadmills come with effective workouts built into the machine. You simply have to push a button to set the pace to a workout that will give you optimal calorie burn. These workouts include increasing incline, running at a faster pace, or a combination of the two. Take advantage of built in workouts if your treadmill has them. These workouts have been tested and proven to help you achieve maximum results on the treadmill. If your treadmill does not have them, search online for effective treadmill workouts.

· Mistake #2 –Walking at a constant, slow pace for a short period of time. Many people have the thought process that just because they have utilized the treadmill for a short period of time, they have received a good work out. This is not true. You only get out of the treadmill what you are willing to put into it. Walking briskly or running will give you the best results on the treadmill. A few minutes on the machine at a slow pace will only burn a few calories. Be lively on the treadmill! It can give you a great workout if you are up for the challenge.

· Mistake #3 –Skipping warm-ups. Like any exercise, you need to warm up if you plan on getting a good workout with your treadmill. Stretching before you begin is important. Choose a “warm-up” pace to begin with each time you step onto the machine. Spend a few minutes warming up and then gradually increase yourself to the pace that you would like to maintain throughout the work out. Frustration can easily set in if you begin the workout too suddenly and are unable to finish it. This is why warming up is so important.

· Mistake #4 –Not paying attention to stride. Your stride will make all the difference in your workout. If it is not wide enough, you are not going to get the best workout in. Make sure your stride is large enough to get an effective workout.

If a treadmill is your exercise equipment of choice, avoid making the mistakes mentioned above. To see the best results, you want to make sure that you know how to use the treadmill. Always warm up before your begin your workout. Pay close attention to your stride and attack the workout vigorously. These things will help you see the results that you are looking for from your treadmill.