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8 Tips to Improve Your Cabbage Soup Diet

If you want to jump start your diet plan, consider the Cabbage Soup Diet program. It is designed to easily let you lose 10-15 pounds in 7 days. The recipe varies greatly but the only thing constant is that you can eat as many cabbage soups as you like.

Cabbage Soup Basics

The diet plan consists of a 7-day program where you can eat various low-calorie vegetables like tomato juice, onion soup mix, tomatoes, onions, and of course, cabbage. Everyday, there are specific foods that you must consume – aside from the many vegetables and fruit juices, it also includes potatoes and beef (for one day only).

Some advantages of Cabbage Soup Diet include quick weight loss and no limit to the amount of cabbage, fruits, or vegetables that you can take. This means that you will never go hungry.

Is it Right for You?

According to Lynn Grieger, a registered dietitian, you have to make sure that this diet fits your lifestyle and goals before you go through with it. You are the only one who can determine if this diet is right for you.

Remember that no restaurant could ever serve as much cabbage as you want, so it is better to eat your food at home. This also means that you have to buy a lot of cabbage and store it in your house.

Take note that you are encouraged to drink tea or coffee along with the soup, so take a step back if you can’t take caffeine. For sure, cabbage soup is for vegetarians, but there are also days when you’re encouraged to eat meat.

Improving your Cabbage Soup Diet

To make sure that you don’t lose too much nutrients and to add variety, here are some improvements that you can do to this diet:

1. When cooking up your cabbage soup, vary the preparation and taste according to what you like. There are different versions of this recipe available in the internet to make it exciting.

2. Take water 12-16 glasses a day during the diet week. This will flush out the fat from your system and prevent dehydration as well.

3. Always carry cabbage soup with you every time you are away from home to ensure that you avoid hunger or starvation.

4. Have a multivitamin so you can get the right nutrients. When you lack vitamins and minerals, it will affect your body physically and mentally.

5. Also supplement your food with protein shake to make sure that you’re losing fat, not muscle mass. If you lose both, you will definitely look slimmer, but with less strength.

6. If you will stick to this diet, you need to keep up with your metabolism. It is advised that you do 30-45 minutes of cardio daily to burn more calories.

7. Stop the program after one week. Since this diet focuses on low calories, your body needs to recover first before starting another round.

8. And then after the cabbage soup diet, it’s best to switch to a long term plan that will further develop the healthy eating habits that you started.