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Pregnancy Exercises – Stay in Shape While Pregnant

One of the things doctors usually check when a woman is pregnant is her weight. This is because the accumulation of weight during the whole nine months can be very unpredictable and one way or another gives a glimpse on the health of the baby. At the same time, monitoring a pregnant woman’s health is necessary to make sure that the delivery will be performed without any problems. Excess weight is actually a bad thing when women are carrying their child. This is the same reason why heavy women find it hard to conceive.

Hence, doctors or health care professionals usually do recommend exercises for pregnant women. Either to ease the delivery or to start burning calories at a moderate pace, some workouts are specially created to service these women to get them and the fetus healthy. If you are on the family way, here are some of the exercises that are specially recommended for women.


It’s pretty basic but it works well in getting the blood pumping. Women are usually advised to walk around up to the day of delivery in order to make the passage of the child easier for the mother. At the same time, it lets you start burning calories for the same purpose – a healthier you and a healthier child!

Yoga Breathing

Although it doesn’t seem much like an exercise, proper breathing actually aids for weight loss. This is because the right amount of air in circulation lets all the organs work better, including blood circulation and metabolism, thereby allowing the breakdown of fats from the body. For a pregnancy exercise, this is actually excellent since you don’t have to exert too much energy.

Body Ball Exercises

There are also what we call body ball exercises that uses a ball for equipment. Different workout types are included in these exercises starting from bum raises, ball squats and inner thigh squeezes. If you’ll notice, these are graduate exercises that help a woman tone her body in preparation for the delivery. Although not really geared toward burning calories, the body ball exercises are excellent for keeping the body at top form.

Other exercises needing the help of your partner are also possible. A hint of warning though, keep in mind that you are not just doing this for yourself but also for your baby. Hence, at any hint of problems, STOP the exercise. Ask your doctor for an advice and do not continue if you are told to do so.

Make sure that prior to performing these exercises; you have also gathered your doctor’s approval. There are actually some women who are advised to take it easy rather than start exercising.

All in all, it is possible for you to lose weight during pregnancy. Whether you are doing it for health reasons, in preparation for delivery or simply in preparation for getting back in shape after delivery: do so in moderation. Match it up with a healthy diet and you should be able to keep you and your baby healthy!