10 Ways to Keep You Motivated For Fitness

Beginning a fitness program take guts. It also requires inspiration and determination. Many women begin an exercise and diet program full of guts, inspiration and determination; but somewhere between day number two and day number 60, the motivation ceases to exist. Sadly, once the motivation is lost, all the guts, inspiration and determination in the world don’t seem enough to get you back into the groove.

Follow these 10 helpful tips to keep you motivated:

1. Prioritize your goals. Long term goal: this can be up to 12 months for fitness, your medium range goal should be at a 3 month marker and your short term goal could be at 2 weeks. Post these somewhere that you will see them every day.

2. Confide your fitness goals to three positive minded people. This is not a time for nay-sayers so you want to announce your goals to people who believe in success.

3. Find a partner or friend to exercise with. If none of your friends are game, then hire a personal trainer or try to befriend someone at the gym. Having someone to work out with makes it much more enjoyable and less boring.

4. Plan your meals ahead of time. Nothing throws off a diet more than not having easily accessible healthy foods to eat. Deny temptation by replacing sugar laden and fatty foods with healthy whole foods that are deliciously appetizing.

5. Create a journal to keep account of what you eat and drink each day. Be sure to record all of your physical activities too. Charting your progress helps to keep you motivated to keep improving.

6. Remember that everyone is unique and realize that it may take you longer to lose weight than someone else. Don’t let that discourage you from working towards your goal.

7. Start each day with a positive affirmation. Concentrate on what you are rather than what you are not.

8. Reward yourself for your achievements. A new blouse or new jeans can really make you feel special about the weight you have already lost, and will help to keep you motivated to continue your fitness regimen.

9. Make healthy eating a family affair. Enlist family members to help in food preparation and swap fatty, calorie-laden foods with healthier choices.

10. Mix up your exercise routine. Pick 3 days a week to participate in Fun activities. Swimming, bike riding, skating, running or even walking are all fun ways to get aerobic exercise.