Try This Extreme 300 Bodyweight Leg Workout!

There are  a lot of people out there that assume in order to well defined and strong legs you need to go to the gym and do squats on a regular basis.  I am here to tell you all you need if your bodyweight and a little inner strength and you can achieve great results using your bodyweight.

This leg routine is meant to be done in 3 rounds.  Try to complete this workout between 10-12 minutes.

Round 1:

30 Squats – make sure to keep your chest up and to go down to 90 degrees or lower.

30 Jump Squats – Do an normal squat going down but explode up into a jump while going up

20  Step Ups –  Find a chair or an object to step up on.  Start with one leg on the object and step up with that leg remaining on the object

20 Step Ups – Switch to the other leg now and repeat.

*Rest 30 Seconds*

Round 2:

30 Walking Lunges – 15 each leg

30 80/20 Squats – Put most of your weight on one leg with you other leg only having about 15-20% of your weight.  The leg with the 15-20% only put your toe on the ground to help with the weight distribution.  15 reps per leg to equal 30.

20 Calf raises – You can do these on level ground or hang your heels of of a ledge and pulse up and down.

20 Close leg squats – Keep you legs touching together.  As you go down go to 90 degrees then come up.  This is meant to be a speed routine, do these as fast a s possible.

*Rest 30 Seconds*

Round 3:

30 Side lunges – 15 per leg, try to go down as far as possible on each leg.

30 Jump lunges – Instead of regular lunges your umping in the air and switching your lead leg in the air.  These are don in P90X also know as Marry Katherine’s.

20 One Leg Squats – These are also known as Pistol Squats.  Do 10 on each leg.

20 One Leg Dead Lift Squats – Not using weights here.  Stand on 1 leg, squat down and touch your palms to the floor in front of you, then come back up that equals 1 rep.  Do 10 on each leg.

Workout is over.  Hope you enjoyed it!