Different Types of Body Weight Exercises

Exercises are becoming the important part of our life. As per present scenario every person has a desire to have a good body figure. Those who want to maintain their body fitness do regular exercise. There are many types of exercises which a person can do to gain good body structure. Following are some type of exercises which a person can do to maintain their body weight.

Burpee exercise:

The Burpee exercise is the exercise which helps the person to enhance his potency and explosiveness. Burpee exercise is a kind of movements exercise. It helps to do proper movement of your body parts. It is a good body weight exercise. To maintain proper body weight some people like to do kettlebells exercise or Weight Vests exercise. The burpee exercise is to be done continuously without taking pause. You can do this exercise in comparatively smaller area also. The best way to do this exercise is to do push ups and then jumping forward to a bending position.

2. Dips:

Dip is another good body weight exercise which can help you to reduce your extra weight. The dip is the exercise which helps you to strengthen your body muscles. There are many ways to do dip exercise such as shoulder width dips, wide arm training and wide grip bench press. The dip exercise is done on dip bars by lifting your whole body weight. Dip exercise help you to strengthen your body muscles. Thus dip is one of the best body weight exercises.

Push ups:

A body weight exercise also includes push up exercise. Push up exercise is also known as press-up exercise. This exercise is generally used to strengthen your body muscles. The best way to do push ups is, lie down in horizontal position by keeping your face down, then slowly raise your body and then bring it back down with the help of your arms. Thus this exercise will help you to strengthen your body muscles.

Pull ups:

Another body weight exercise is pull ups exercise. In this exercise a person has to suspend his body by extending his arms and then the person has to pull up the entire body until his elbows are bent. This exercise helps a person to gain good height and body weight.


Crunches are also one of the body weight exercises. Crunches are the best exercise for strengthening your stomach muscles. There are two methods to do crunches one is upper crunches and other is lower crunches.