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What is the Key to Maintaining Motivation in Fitness?

When you first catch the bug or become interested in getting fit it seems pretty easy to do. You find the thought of your workouts fun and actually look forward to them as a highlight of the day or week. It feels new in your life and you’re excited about what you are in the process of achieving. At some point however, many people experience a drop off in this level of fitness enjoyment and it becomes increasingly harder to feel excited about your workouts let along look forward to them, why?

The answer is in your motivation. When your heart and mind is excited about something you project into the future and imagine yourself having attained that goal. You can feel how wonderful it is and how life will have changed for you as a result. This means that you are more than delighted to work out because you believe that you are on a one way street to reaching your desired goal.

Should you however, experience times when your progress stops or you are not seeing the results you expected and hoped for, your level of motivation will decrease more and more. This is because you are now doubting that all this fitness behaviour is really worth it and actually working.

For this reason, to keep your motivation high, you need to concentrate on achieving very short term goals. By all means have an ultimate goal but split it up into many smaller ones. We get encouraged by our success and when you consistently experience success through your efforts it feeds your motivation to continue.

The other point is to make really sure you’re not ‘flogging a dead horse’. Get the best advice and guidance you can from a professional on exactly what you need to do in order to achieve what you want in your fitness goals.