Calories Burned While Biking

This article provides information regarding the number of calories burned biking and why biking can be a great exercise for anyone who is looking to lose weight or get in shape. For many people, biking provides a great aerobic exercise that can also provide financial (no gas required) and environmental (riding a bike does not contribute to pollution) benefits.

The Health Benefits of Biking

Biking can provide a great way to improve two major components of your physical fitness:

Cardiovascular benefits of biking– Whether you bike on the street or on trails, biking provides an aerobic workout and benefits that can include decreased risk of heart disease, reduced cholesterol level, and improved endurance. The cardiovascular benefits are even more significant if you exert a greater level of effort through uphill biking and sprinting.

Strength benefits of biking– Biking can be a great way of building your leg and overall core strength. If you add hills to your bike workout, the strength benefits you’ll see will be even greater over time.

How Many Calories are Burned While Biking?

As with any aerobic or other type of exercise, the number of calories burned biking will vary by the level of intensity you put into your workout. As a rule-of-thumb, a 160 pound person will burn about 300 calories in one hour if they are having a leisurely (about 10 mph) bike ride. The number of calories burned will increase for heavier people and if more effort is exerted.

Biking Safety Tips

If you are thinking about biking for exercise, you might want to consult a physician before starting a program. You should also make sure that your bike is in good working order (particularly the brakes). If you plan to ride on the street, you should look for low-traffic areas and make sure to watch out for cars that are pulling out of parking lots and driveways. Always wear bright clothing so that drivers can more easily see you.