Calories Burned on Elliptical – Benefits and Drawbacks

Many people obsess over the best way to burn those unwanted calories. While there are many ways to skin a cat (so to speak), calories burned on elliptical trainer is great because they are low impact, dual action devices that are easy on your body. If you’re contemplating ways to burn calories, you should understand the benefits of elliptical training.

Calories Burned on Elliptical Machines – A Full Body Workout

One of the greatest benefits of calories burned on elliptical machines is the ability to gain a full body workout. Many elliptical machines are equipped with hand poles that allow you to move your arms simultaneously with your legs. Good elliptical machines work out your arms, shoulders, chest, back and legs all at the same time. This is in contrast with the use of a treadmill, which allows you to work out your lower body only. Elliptical trainers give you the best of both worlds and help you save valuable time.

Low Impact

Some people choose to jog in an effort to burn calories and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Jogging outside or on a treadmill has its benefits, but there are also some major drawbacks. One disadvantage of jogging is that it can negatively impact your knees if it is done on a consistent basis. This happens to lead to one of the benefits of elliptical trainers. They are low impact trainers that do not cause pain in your knees or negatively affect your joints. It should be said that you may experience pain in your knees if you already have an underlying condition.

Convenient to Use

Another great benefit of using an elliptical trainer that is often overlooked is its convenience. Many machines can be stored under your bed or in a nearby closet. If you desire to train outside, elliptical trainers can easily fit on your deck or patio. Although some home models don’t have all of the features offered on machines found in professional gyms, calories burned on elliptical home models are just are just as effective and real as going to a health club.

Slight Drawbacks

It would be irresponsible for me to neglect mentioning what some people consider a drawback of using exercising machines. Some people find the dual action (using your arms and legs together) to be sort of awkward, and prefer to use a treadmill or go walking or jogging. I should say that there are some elliptical machines that only offer lower body exercises. However, that kind defeats the purpose, in my opinion.

Trying an elliptical machine at a local gym or equipment store can give you a better idea of what to expect. Maintaining good posture and refraining from leaning into the handles are some key things to remember when focused on calories burned on elliptical trainers.