Five Healthy Snacks For After Dinner

Whether you lounge in front of the TV, finish work from the day or read, a lot of people get hungry after dinner. Instead of grabbing for the chips or going to bed with a growling tummy, try a healthy snack that is nutritious and delicious.

Five Healthy Snacks for After Dinner

1. Almonds. They are good fats for your skin and hair. They also contain protein and fiber, which keeps you full from only 5-10 of them!

2. Yogurt. High protein, low fat and contains probiotics that help to keep you healthy and infection free. Mix with fruit for a sweet snack, cottage cheese for a high protein injection or frozen for a summer treat.

3. Air popped popcorn. If you have popcorn with no butter and just a little salt for flavour, it’s a low calorie, low fat treat. Great munching for weight loss goals and perfect for a TV movie!

4. Cereal. A high fibre cereal like Fibre 1 or Raisin Bran is low in fat with skim milk. Studies show that eating cereal for dessert may help regulate night eating habits and lower daily caloric intake. Just don’t go for seconds, those calories add up!

5. Granola Bar. No, not the chocolate dipped kind. Although they are delicious. Brands like Kashi provide low calorie, high fibre and protein bars that are only about 130 calories and 3 grams of fat. Many of the varieties include whole nuts, flax seeds and dried fruit. They are so good, you feel like you are cheating on your diet.

Sometimes not eating at night is really hard for people. I know first hand! Instead of being miserable or worse, giving in to your cravings with something unhealthy, pick something nutritious that satisfies your hunger but keeps the personal trainer off your back.