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Fitness Running – Safety Tips For Training at Night

For people running in the dark may be the only time when they are free to train. There can be many reasons for this that includes avoiding the heat during the day, their work schedule or family commitments.

There are many advantages of running after dark. The obvious one is there will be less traffic and people around to avoid. When the weather is mild running in the dark can be very relaxing and enjoying.

However, running in the dark also has its downsides. With limited vision you may not see those holes or potholes in the road that you could clearly see in the day time. Stepping on one of those could result in a nasty sprain that could have you out of action for a few weeks or more. In certain urban and city areas you could end up in an area with high crime rates and end up with being a victim yourself.

If you prepare in advance then you can reduce your risk of injury or becoming a victim of crime. Here are a few suggestions for you to consider if you are going to train at night:

Reflective vests

Although the roads will not be as busy during the days as they will be at night there still will be traffic. Therefore, invest in a reflective vest. If they can see you that will reduce your risk of getting hit. These vests come in fluorescent yellow or orange and they are very light in weight meaning you will hardly notice the difference. They are also very affordable as they are usually priced at between $10 and $20.

Personal light system

There are many lightening systems on the market that are suitable to use for running at night. You can use hand held mini lights. There are other products that you can place on your head. These come in few styles. One looks like a head sweat band with the light attached to the band. You place this around your head just like a normal head band. Other products have a small light that is attached to a cap that you wear. It is considered that these are better than handheld lights. The obvious reason is that they free up your hands because the beam of light is coming from your forehead and directing the light straight onto the road in front of you.

Well lighted area

Choose an area that is well lit at night. This will enable you to see better to avoid those nasty potholes but, well lit areas tend to safer at night.