Use the Calories Burned While Walking For Weight Loss

People all over the world have become more fitness conscious like never before. Curiously, the rate of obesity has also gone up as well, with the onset of obesity commencing even with young preschool-age children. A wide range of weight loss programs, exercise programs and diets are being offered today as a means of encouraging people to exercise and watch their weight. Most people do not really realize the quantum of calories burned while walking. One of the simplest things people invariably do daily is walking, but the significance of this as a means to lose weight is often overlooked.

Make Walking A Fun Exercise

Most people usually dread dieting in their quest to lose weight. However, there are means through which we can make losing weight fun-filled and enjoyable. Simply find a friend who enjoys walking, get him to be your walking partner, and use this opportunity to make your walks an enjoyable exercise. Walking is a great, and probably the easiest, way to burn up the calories and assist you lose weight. The amount of calories burned while walking will vary based on several factors like the distance you walk, the intensity of your walk and your body weight.

You can consider using ankle weights to increase the calories burned while walking. Wearing ankle weights forces you to work harder resulting in increased calories burned while walking. You can procure ankle weights at fitness or health stores, or may even consider using suitable heavy objects you may already have at home. Another option that you can consider is uphill-climb walking. And, of course, you can always use a treadmill as a very effective implement to lose weight.

Use Walking For Burning Calories Effectively

Walking is an activity that people invariably do daily for all their life. Because walking is such a simple activity, most people underestimate the calories burned while walking and how walking can be effective in assisting weight loss. Most people lead busy lives these days – business, work, school, thousands of chores and errands, having to take care of their family etc… – and very often find it difficult to add an exercise program to their daily routines. All said, walking is still something that people do every day, whether they want or not.

Gradually increasing the distance you walk daily is a great way to burn more calories needed to effect weight loss. You will also feel good and healthier after a brisk walk. Calculating the calories burned while walking depends on the factors already stated above; however, some indicative averages are available for you to use.

As an illustration, an individual weighing 175 pounds and walking at a speed of 3 miles per hour for one minute would have 5 calories burned while walking. This does not appear to be a big number, but by walking 30 minutes a day for 5 days a week, the same individual would have 750 calories burned while walking. Thus, by simply increasing the duration, speed or the times you walk, you burn more calories.

As thumb rule, the more you weigh, more are the calories burned while walking. An individual weighing 130 pounds and walking at a speed of 3 miles per hour will approximately burn 3.5 calories per minute, while a 190-pound individual walking at the same speed will approximately burn 5.5 calories per minute.