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Martial Arts Flexibility – Doing the Splits is Easy With Pnf Stretching

Are flexibility exercises a real pain for you? Until I discovered something called PNF Stretching, they used to be for me, too! It means, “Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation.” Fancy words that, in essence, mean you make dramatic gains in how limber you are when you combine relaxed, passive stretches with isometrics. Yes, dramatic gains. Believe me–I…

Stretching Exercises – Your Upper on Down Days is to Start With Stretching Exercises

Stretching exercise benefits are often overlooked in the fitness world. Many older cultures and civilizations use the power of stretching for their overall wellness. Exercises such as yoga and tai chi use stretching for benefits of the doer. This taken with breathing techniques makes stretching one of the most invigorating exercises ever known to man….