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Stretching: The Importance of Stretching

When we think of getting healthy and staying fit generally I believe our minds dwell on exercise and nutrition.

Often, there are those of us who cannot exercise vigorously for various reasons of health conditions, weight or age.

I had a chiropractor who I greatly respected and loved (he fixed my back aches!) who told me even if you don’t exercise, at the very least just stretch every day.

I really didn’t take it to heart at first. Then when I moved away and didn’t have the luxory of his skills, I noticed that my back was starting to hurt more frequently.

I remembered what he said. I had been out of my workout routine for several years and so decided that instead of getting back into it at that moment, I’d try his stretching suggestion.

Interestingly enough, once I started doing some simple stretching exercises each day I began to feel better. Quite a bit better in fact!

I think this leads to a pretty clear point. It doesn’t matter how intensely you can exercise, it is still critically important for you to do what you can to
stay fit. Stretching gets the blood flowing where it needs
to go.

As should always be noted, you should consult with your physician prior to even the lightest exercise.