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Calorie Burning Activities to Do on the Beach: 5 Calorie Burning Activities to Have Fun This Summer

When you think about calorie burning activities usually boring exercise routines come to mind. Specifically, spending all day at the gym, or cycling all day to burn some extra calories. However, there are some fun places and activities that you can do to burn calories including going to the beach.

Every one loves going to the beach, some to sun bathe, others to read a book, still others just to have a nice picnic. Here are a few fun activities to do on the beach while burning some excess calories.

One of the best calorie burning activities is to take a long stroll on the beach. If you walk barefoot on the sand, this not only therapeutic but will also serve as an excellent activity to burn calories. Walking on the beach admiring the beauty of the sea will help ease tension and the physical activity itself will burn extra calories for you.

Another fun activity to do on the beach that burns calories is to swim. Swimming is an excellent form of exercise and when you are at the beach what better way to enjoy the sea than to swim in the waves. A word of warning however, make sure that you swim in the part of the sea designated as a swimming zone and have a life-guard around in case of emergency.

Collecting seashells that wash up on the shore is also an excellent way to burn calories. This involves using your major muscles and can be great for the core including the abdomen and lower back and the quads. The motion of bending over and picking up small sea-shells is not only fun but will do wonders to tone your abs and will burn calories while you have fun at the beach.

If you are into team sports or have more than four people on the beach than beach volleyball is a must try to burn calories. Though from a distance it seems easy, but once you get into the game you will be burning massive calories quickly. The resistance that you face running in the sand, plus the tension of the game will keep you burning calories even after you stop playing. This is an all round fun activity for all on the beach.

If you don’t have the equipment to play beach volleyball or if you don’t have the numbers to play, than try your hand at Frisbee. This simple looking beach game is an excellent calorie burning activity. It targets you major muscles including your quads and you upper arm. The best part of this game is that if you have a dog, he can enjoy it just as much as your friends and family.

Burning a few extra calories on the beach can be the difference in gaining or losing weight. Though you maybe at the beach to have some fun, but including some calorie burning activities in that fun will keep you going for longer without feeling guilty about having some extra fun at the beach.