10 Ways to Get Motivated to Exercise

One of the hardest parts of working out is getting started. I remember working 8 or more hours a day and commuting for one hour in rush-hour traffic. The last thing I felt like doing after a long day was exercising. Yet, when I didn’t exercise, I was always sluggish and I gained a lot of weight in the process. You are probably finding yourself in a similar situation. How do we get motivated enough to exercise?

Well, like most things we do in our lives, if it is something fun and something that we look forward to we will have no problem doing it. Therefore, we need to find ways to make exercise fun and ways to keep our motivation levels up. Below are 10 ideas that you may find helpful and inspire you to try fitness.

1. Get fitness minded – Even if you are out of shape, it doesn’t mean you can’t be into health and fitness. Begin acting as if you are fitness fanatic. The more you get enthused about fitness, the more you will want to do it.

2. Subscribe to top fitness magazines – You need to surround your home with fitness material. When you have health related magazines around that you can read in your spare time, not only will you learn a thing or two, you may even become inspired by the people featured in the magazines.

3. Join communities online – There are so many different fitness communities online from bodybuilders to runners, there is a forum that will match your interests. Participate and communicate with other fitness-minded people.

4. Find a cause – There are many good causes that you can participate in throughout the year. Many are fitness related such as walking or running for 3k’s or 5k’s. Train and participate. You’ll be motivated to help out.

5. Start a group – Do you know others who are struggling with motivation? Start a walking, running, biking or other fitness related club. Schedule meet-ups and workout together to help motivate each other.

6. Buy workout clothes – Clothes can change our moods and when you put on workout clothes, it can get you in the mood to workout even if it’s for a short walk.

7. Set small goals – Set simple goals such as working out 3 times per week. When you meet that goal, reward yourself with something cool like going to a movie or a new pair of shoes.

8. Blog it – Many people find tons of motivation from starting a blog about their fitness. It helps keep you accountable and you meet other people who are in the same situation.

9. Create playlists – Nothing gets me pumped up to exercise like good music. I make various playlists and upload to my mp3 player. Music can be a great motivator.

10. Hire a trainer – If you can budget it, personal trainers are excellent in terms of motivation. They keep you accountable and teach you different methods of exercise.

Motivation can come from everywhere, however, some of the best motivation comes from communicating with others who have fitness goals they are working towards as well.