Calorie Shift Diet – 5 Calorie Burning Tips

As some of you may have known it, having a slow metabolic rate means you have to cut down on the calories you take in order to maintain or lose weight. This is because the organs and the glands responsible to burn food and convert them into energy are not working properly.

In order to increase metabolism, you have to adjust your diet accordingly and change your eating habit. You may have heard of people losing dozens of pounds simply walk or cycle for a few minutes everyday. These are actually small changes which contribute to significant differences and boost metabolism over time. With increased metabolism, you are able to burn not calories in your body to lose weight.

The 5 calorie burning tips are as follow:

1. Aerobic Exercises

Do aerobic exercises such as walking, cycling or climbing up stairs instead of taking lift for at least 30 minutes. Different exercises burn different amount and area of calories. The crux of aerobic exercises is to boost the heart rate. You do not need strenuous exercises to achieve weight loss.

2. Eat Little But Frequent

Results had shown that eating small frequent meals will trigger metabolism to burn calories faster than larger, occasional meals. This is because your body will reach a “starvation mode” if time interval between each meal is extended. It will lead to a decrease in metabolism to prevent starvation. Hence, skipping meals Does Not help to reduce calories or lose weight. It is advisable to take between 4 to 6 small meals daily.

3. Drink More Water (cold if possible)

Water not only sustain your body cells through hydration, but also fills your stomach so that you don’t feel hungry easily. It is the key component to chemical reactions in your body. Drinking cold water will make your body burn more calories in order to balance out the temperature in your body.

4. Do Interval Training Instead Of Cardio Training

Interval training changes and increases the intensity of exercises reciprocally. This gives an after-burn effect that raised metabolic rate for quite some time after the workout, hence burning calories the whole day long. The reason why cardio training doesn’t work in losing weight is that our body tend to reach a steady state after a long cardio session. This suggests that our body have adapted to the speed of exercise and try to conserve energy/calories. Hence, cardio training does not really shed off fat or burn excess calories in the long run.

5. Calorie Shift Diet

This is an 11 days diet plan which changes the amount of calories you take each meal to “confuse” your metabolism. This is to prevent your body from adapting to a specific amount of calorie. If it happens, your metabolic rate tends to slow down and weight loss is significantly reduced. Calorie Shift Diet prevents this from happening by up and down-shifting calories into different ranges, thus helping the body to burn more calories away.