Holiday Weight Gain? Cut Exercise Time To Boost Calorie Burn

You need to boost your calorie burn during the holiday season because let’s face it, there is a lot of temptation this time of year. Yet there is a problem with your plan to burn more calories and that is you have less time during this busy season. How do you up your calorie burn while at the same time spend less time working out? The answer is to create an exercise “afterburn” that will keep your body burning fat at a faster rate for up to 36 hours after your workout ends.

So you might be thinking that this is another one of those work less and lose more gimmicks and I must be honest, you will not get results with this form of exercise if you do not do it. You will have to workout. The thing is, if you are willing to put a good 20 minutes of exercise in and do it right, then you can get the same if not better results than hitting the treadmill for a slow and steady hour or longer.

What is the right way to exercise?

Let me first share what we all used to consider the essentials for weight loss exercise, and that was “the longer the better”. Personal trainers of yesterday would have their clients climb onto a treadmill or exercise bike and grind away for one or more hours. This of course was BORING, so they started to come out with exercise equipment that could hold a magazine, think about that for a second, is this really building condition into your body?

This old school exercise was not without its benefits. Yes, you received some cardiovascular benefit and yes, you burned calories. But the thing is, once you climbed off the exercise equipment the benefits stopped.

Researchers had to find a better way and they did.

It has been shown, through tons of research that shorter exercise sessions that constantly vary the intensity at which you work have the added benefit of boosting your calorie burning metabolism and they also found that not only can this result in more fat loss, it can also put your body in a state of maintaining a higher level of calorie burning for up to 36 hours after you stop exercising. This is the “afterburn” and this is what you want in order to reduce your exercise time and boost your weight loss.