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Crossfit Workouts – Better Than Typical Gym Workouts?

There are new crossfit workouts coming out every single day. Whether they are new workouts designed by the actual authority site, created by gyms and trainers, or just made up on the spot by people who understand how to program their own bodies. These workouts tend to use the entire body for every workout, and tend to not focus on individual muscles. On the other hand, the typical gym routine involves machines and people usually try to target certain body parts or at least split the days up between cardio, upper body, or lower body days.

Which workouts are better though? Well, that question gets a bit more complicated because it is hard to knock anyone who is making an effort to get in shape. However, there are certain principles that people should adhere to and these tend to be happening more often in crossfit. Some of these principles are, having a healthy and strong body across several different measures of fitness. Some of these domains could include, strength, flexibility, power, balance, cardiovascular health, agility, speed, and so on. Many people who do the typical gym workout maintain decent physical strength and decent cardiovascular strength, but unless they really focus on other things, usually fail at other facets of fitness. This is not to say they don’t try, and aren’t making an honest effort, but that they are usually misguided.

There is a lot of misdirection out there when it comes to fitness, but sticking to total body exercises for the general population is very good advice. Some of these whole body movements include squats, deadlifts, push ups, pull ups and so on. The military takes advantage of many of these body weight movements and they get fantastic results. Also, crossfit makes use of a lot of these total body movements as well. However, a typical gym attendee doesn’t really focus on these, and that is where they make the mistake. These exercises burn the most muscle while simultaneously building or toning a lot of muscle.

If you want to be practicing crossfit, and start making some great gains, you’ll need to stock up on some crossfit equipment. There are several vendors online, just make sure you seek out some reviews of the equipment before you purchase it. You will need high quality equipment which costs a bit more, but this is not somewhere where you want to go cheap. Your equipment needs to take a pounding and keep going. Start off with the basics which is a good quality barbell, a set of bumper plates, a pull up bar, gymnastic rings, and a kettlebell.

Ditch the old useless gym workouts, and move on to crossfit for a real boost in your results!