Bodyweight Workout For Bigger Biceps You Can Do at Home

Training your biceps at home is not that difficult. You will need on piece of equipment: a Pull up bar. You can purchase a pullup bar for under $30 if you log onto eBay or Craigslist. There are people trying to get rid of their old training equipment all the time.

The key to increasing the size of your arms is to hit it with a variety of angles with a variety of grips and positions. The two main pulling exercises are pullups and chinups. Pullups are where you have your palms facing away from you, and Chinups are where your palms are facing you.

Chinups target your biceps more than pullups. Both are great exercises for you arms, but if your goal is bigger arms than you should focus more on the Chinups. There are two grips you can use with Chinups – shoulder width and close grip.

I have tried wide grip Chinups, but they feel awkward. One of the toughest exercises out there are wide-grip pullups. Pullups can also be done with a shoulder grip and close grip.

The key to developing a great pullup workout is to choose a goal number of repetitions and try to use a variety of grips to get you there. Here is a sample:

Close Grip Chinups, 10 reps
Wide Grip Pullups, 10 reps
Pullups, 10 reps
Close Grip Pullups, 10 reps
Chinups, 10 reps
This method allows you to target your biceps from a variety of angles. It also keeps you “fresh” in that slightly different grips will engage slightly different muscle groups so you can keep pulling yourself. Very few people can perform 50 straight pullups, but with this method, you’ll be able to do 50 reps in a shorter period of time.