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Get Healthy With the Health Benefits of Yoga

Today’s world made everyone’s life very stressed. We do not get time for many things, but we must give some time for health and fitness-physical, mental, as well as spiritual. Some smart people do take time out and go to gym regularly in order to maintain their physical and mental rhythm. What about spiritual practice? In ancient world, people devoted time in maintaining their psyche and spirit. They practiced meditation for peace in life, in order to reach nirvana’, natural bliss.

In Asian countries, many people practiced the art of meditation. In ancient India, people maintained physical and mental disciplines in the form of Yoga. The word Yoga’ is derived from Sanskrit word ‘Yuj’, meaning ‘to control’. Thus, Yoga, maybe referred as practice of controlling’.

Today, many people do that in order to maintain their spirituality. Yoga’s links can be traced to India, where many ancient sages and saints practiced this art. It is also known as Yoga Sutra’, could also mean, Art of Controlling’. A person who practices Yoga is known as a Yogi’ and a female practitioner is known as Yogni’.

Yoga is very beneficial for one’s health, we all know that. Yoga has different branches. In ancient Indian books, it is mentioned that there are 8 limbs of Yoga. This comes under the ancient Hindu philosophy. The 8 limb Yoga, in Sanskrit, is known as Ashtanga Yoga’. The 8 limbs are:

1) Yama (abstentians)
2) Niyama (Observances)
3) Asana (Seat or Seated Position, or Meditation)
4) Pranayama (Life)
5) Pratyahara (Abstraction)
6) Dharana (Concentration)
7) Dhyana (Meditation)
8) Samadhi (Liberation)

The goal of Yoga or any other meditation is to reach Nirvana or spiritual bliss. A person feels on cloud nine when his or her mind is at peace, he or she gets unexplained satisfaction. As we know, when a person’s mind is at peace, then everything goes smooth and neat in life. Everything is related with one’s soul, and soul is linked with one’s mind. When mind is at peace, naturally your soul will be at peace.

Anyone can start Yoga anywhere; it is not a difficult thing. It requires only will-to-do’. The moment you are ready, ready to make your life peaceful and blissful, you can start off with Yoga. You can even start after reading books, as many books are available on this subject.

Joining some club or Yoga gym is more preferable than practicing alone, just by reading books. It is because books give second hand knowledge. It mentions one way or the other, the levels, but it can’t correct your mistakes. However, when you join a club or a gym, there is always an instructor to correct you, to guide you. Today, there are many clubs worldwide. No matter where you are, you can take admission and start practicing this unique and ancient way of keeping your mind at cool pace in today’s hectic world. Take some time out and join a Yoga club to maintain balance in your stressful, fast life!