Just How Important is Cardio?

After reading this interesting material, I hope you’ll think differently about cardio training and try something new. It’s not that I’m totally against cardio as part of your exercise routine, but is cardio training really what you need to get fit and healthy? If you continue reading, you’ll soon realize that I’m not really against cardio as a form of exercise, I just believe that “traditional cardio” is not the most effective form of exercise you can be doing to achieve your goals.

Most people who are trying to get fit or lose body fat think, without question, that they need “cardio” exercise to achieve success. I beg to differ! This may come as a surprise, but some of the fittest people I know, both men and women, do not swear by traditional cardio. After many years of working out in different gyms and knowing several athletes and personal trainers, I have to agree that low to moderate cardio is more appropriate for the obese or really poorly conditioned person; and even then, it’s still not the most effective method.

So what pray tell IS “cardio”? Most people think it’s running on the treadmill, riding the stationary bike, or gliding on an elliptical machine in front of a TV. That is, what I would consider, “traditional cardio”, which by the way, is why I’m not surprised that people get bored and eventually give up.

To put it simply, “cardio” is any physical movement that gets your heart pumping and helps strengthen the cardiovascular system. If you’re engaging in a physical activity that gets your heart beating faster and you find yourself short of breath or gasping for air, consider it cardio.

For instance, there’s the barbell/dumbell/kettlebell clean and press (C&P), which is hoisting a barbell up from the ground to your shoulders, then push pressing overhead. To some this may seem like a weight training or a strength exercise, but try doing 10-15 reps with a challenging weight and I can guarantee your heart rate will go up you’ll find yourself breathless as if you just ran a sprint which, by the way, is better than jogging for weight loss.

Give the C&P exercise another go, this time with a 20-rep set or one-arm snatches or with swings while each hand holds a kettlebell/dumbell. Or try 5 straight minutes of lunges, pushups and bodyweight squats with minimal rest in between. While 5 minutes may not seem like a lot, try it, and if these suggested exercise routines don’t get you sweating, huffing, and puffing, I’m not sure what will.

While these types of exercises are usually referred to as strength or weight training exercises, they will definitely satisfy your cardio concerns and get your heart beating faster.

These exercise routines not only save you time, but if done with the right intensity, they will produce results of a full-body work out. Unlike “traditional” cardio where you’re not concentrating or putting in every effort in exercising because you’re watching TV or reading a book, this method of exercising will get you fit, healthy, and looking good! And it doesn’t take much time and/or equipment.

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