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The Benefits of Cardio Fitness – Why Cardio Is Good for You

Improving your cardio fitness levels holds in so many benefits – see for yourself

Cardio fitness is the ability to extract oxygen from the air so that you can use that oxygen to oxidize fat and carbs. The more cardio fit you are, the better that ability. As you can see, being fitter holds in great fat burning benefits, but it has also much more benefits, like these:

Burns fat and carbs faster

When your cardio fitness levels are higher than the normal person, you will oxidize fat and carbs faster. This means that you will burn fat and carbs faster and it will help you to burn more body fat and get leaner faster.


Doing more cardio improves your heart’s resting rate and also the blood circulation and it will help your heart to function better. And if our heart functions better you will also life longer.

Improves appearance

The more cardio you do, the more calories you will burn and the more weight you will lose. You will also be better at burning off fat and carbs and it is bound to make you look and feel much better.

Boosts self-confidence and body image
When you look better you will start to feel better.You will also have much more confidence and your body image will be be much better than before.

Makes you a stronger and fit person

As your cardiovascular system will be working better, you won’t be nearly out as breath as before. Your heart and your lungs will also be healthier and stronger. And you will be, fitter healthier and stronger.

Improved heart health and circulation

Having excellent cardio fitness also reduces your resting heart rate and increases your blood circulation. This helps
your heart to pump more blood and in effect beat slower.

Do you also want to lose weight? You will need an effective workout plan and a smart diet plan.

TheĀ bikini model diet, by fitness celebrity Jennifer Nicole Lee, has one of the best workout plans to lose fat and improve your cardio fitness levels, that I’ve seen yet.