Poached Eggs – The Perfect Meal Anytime

Some singles and young couples are often on the go and rarely eat at home. It’s easier for them to grab a bite somewhere so they keep a minimally stocked kitchen with only a few cooking tools. But there are a few items that they should have, like an egg poacher, which will come in handy when they need a fast breakfast or a quick snack.

Although people can certainly survive on cold cereal and energy bars, they should learn how to cook at least a few items. After all, a hot bowl of soup is much more satisfying on a cold night than a bowl of cold cereal. A lot of foods can easily turn into a fast and nutritious meal and all that is needed are pans, such as a fry pan and an egg poacher, and some tools like a whisk and spatula.

Buying cookware and tools may seem daunting to a new cook. There are a lot of choices and styles available. New cooks should do a little research and decide what meets their
needs. For example, there are different versions of the egg poacher available. Some cook a single egg while others cook two or four. There is even an egg coddler which, with a little butter and salt and pepper, can turn an egg into a delicious breakfast that can be eaten right out of the cup it’s made in.

Sometimes people don’t cook because they are living in dorms or other spaces that have limited if any kitchen appliances. They may want to invest in a mini kitchen which has a compact convection oven for baking and roasting and a two element stove top that can hold sauce pans or an egg poacher. Another appliance has a grill area below and a toaster on top. They may even want a compact slow cooker that fits on the counter and can create great one pot meals. Any of these kinds of cookware will give the capabilities of a kitchen in a small space.

Once a few cooking skills are mastered, the new cooks may want to invite someone over for a meal. It doesn’t have to be elaborate. A simple brunch can be put together with fresh juice and a basket of muffins. And with a grill, egg poacher and sauce pan you can put together Eggs Benedict. This is a fairly easy recipe to do once you get the hollandaise sauce down. Other quick meals can be put together with chicken breast and roasted vegetables. There are even pasta cookers that cook the noodles in a heat resistant tube, just add boiling water.

Developing cooking skills is a valuable and useful thing for everyone to do. Even if a person eats the majority of meals out, simple cooking will come in handy someday. And once the basic skills are learned it is easy and fun to try out new recipes and meal preparation techniques. Even the busiest people with the smallest rooms can learn to prepare a tasty meal.