The Best Diet And Exercise Plan For Weight Loss

In exploring the best diet and exercise plan for weight loss I wanted to look at complimentary ways to fuse practical health and fitness methods with the top diet and weight loss programs. I have reviewed several of the most popular diets having directly participated in some of them with positive outcomes. Many of these programs are actually more fitness oriented but also have a dietary component to them. One of the challenges in a weight reduction effort is being able to not only be disciplined in watching what foods we eat, but also to ensure that the exercise components are achievable.

  • Can One Program Do It All? – That’s a tough question because there really is no one best diet and exercise plan for weight loss, although several of them, notably the Diet Solution Program, Truth About Abs, and Fat Burning Furnace are all effective. But a case can be made that any one of them can work for you, and be modified to suit your needs. Not all physical fitness elements are suitable for all people. While I have personally seen the impact of building muscle to increase my resting metabolic rate (RMR) that increases the burning of calories, that process doesn’t suit everyone.
  • The Best Exercise – Quite frankly the best exercise is simply finding some way to move your body. Perhaps you start out with walking, light jogging or my personal favorite – practicing yoga. You can view this as a way to get into a routine of physical fitness and then as your body strengthens move on to more strenuous muscle building exercises that directly increases your RMR. It’s just important to note that if you don’t feel like you are ready to embark on a physical fitness effort, especially to lose weight, you can do more harm to your body than good if you go to quickly. When evaluating a diet and exercise plan for weight loss, make sure you are comfortable with the plan providers recommended fitness approach. If not, look at a way to modify it that suits your needs and physical condition.
  • Diets That Support Long Term Weight Reduction – My experience in physical fitness and weight loss shows that people who become involved in the preparation of their food, and focus on eating whole and natural foods, can make a lifestyle change that support sustained weight loss. The Diet Solution Program is an example (not the only one) of a diet you can follow that supports this philosophy. I say this because the physical fitness elements to the plan aren’t for everyone. It’s acceptable to make changes.

So in creating the best diet and exercise plan for weight loss, look at what works for you and modify it to suit your needs.