Healthy Breakfast Tips for Busy Moms

Most busy moms have one common problem: lack of energy and tiredness to deal with. Boosting your performance and energy level tips is what really helps to keep you up running and happy. As for many of us it is a daily struggle to keep ourselves energized. With kids, household affairs, shopping, cooking, cleaning and your husband to attend to, let alone the work, pretty soon you begin to feel exhausted. So, take a look at what and when to eat to boost your performance level and enjoy the life.

The first tip is when to eat. When talking about weight loss diets, we mostly hear about when not to eat; such things, as skipping your dinner or snacks. But, knowing the best time to eat is the key to staying energized. Now, breakfast is one of the most important meals of your day, or it should be so. And, it is the easiest to skip. Most of us have pretty crazy mornings to deal with as it is. So, skipping a breakfast is not a matter of struggle. At this, some of us believe, skipping this meal helps you shed pounds and stay fit.

That is not true. There are several things you should know about your breakfast. For one, it helps you to boost your body metabolism. Once you give it a ‘kick’ right in the morning, you become more able to digest the rest of the foods, you consume during the day. It has two benefits to offer. For one, you burn more calories and stay fit. And, you absorb more nutrients to keep you healthy and energized.

What you eat for your breakfast is also essential. To keep you alert and energetic throughout the day, you should provide your body and brain with proteins, vitamins and omega 3 fatty acids. So, eating something substantial for a breakfast is a good idea. You may get yourself an egg with lots of greens. Whole grain bread or rye bread is another great breakfast idea.

Eating nuts, seeds and fruit for breakfast would also keep you going throughout the day. Hazelnuts, peanuts, pecans are rich both with fatty acids and proteins. Sesame, chia or pumpkin seeds would also supply you with many anti oxidants, vitamins and other essential nutrients. If you are not fond of seeds, you can add few drops of plant oil to your salad.

Fruit smoothie is another healthy breakfast alternative. It takes only few minutes to make yourself a fresh banana, avocado or squash smoothie to keep a busy mom alert and happy throughout the day.
Quick recipes work the best, as they save you time and trouble.