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This Simple Kettlebell Workout Quickly Gets You In Shape

If you want simple kettlebell workouts because you’re new to the idea of using kettlebells for fitness, or just because you’re currently out of shape and you want to ease into a workout routine slowly, let me give you a plan that will get you back into the ‘swing’ of things in no time flat.

Begin with the basics

There’s no point in using complex, intense movements while you’re still learning and increasing your conditioning to the point where you can work out without feeling like you’re going to collapse. Start with the basics and move on only when you feel like you need an additional challenge.

The fundamental kettlebell exercise is the kettlebell swing. This movement is the foundation upon which most beginners’ kettlebell workouts are built.

Don’t shortchange yourself on kettlebell swings; they build up your muscular endurance and gently ease your body into the exercise habit. When you include swings in your routine, before you know it you’ll be strong and fit, with a limber body that easily makes the transition to harder and more demanding kettlebell moves.

Push and pull, always in balance

Upper body exercises can be divided into two main types: push and pull movements.

Pushing moves work your chest, shoulders, and triceps. Pulling moves work your upper back and biceps.

If you don’t include both pushing and pulling moves in your workout routine, your body will eventually become unbalanced. You don’t want that, because that’s a sure-fire way to get injured.

For your push workout, try supersetting some overhead kettlebell presses with some pushups. Use a light kettlebell and don’t try to be a hero. Your goal for this simple workout isn’t to move as much weight possible; rather, you should think in terms of getting in shape and increasing your muscular endurance.

As you move on to your pull workout, try some simple kettlebell rows supersetted with kettlebell upright rows. If you are strong enough, you can’t go wrong with some pullups too.

Don’t forget the legs

You did remember to do your kettlebell swings, right? Swings work the legs and lower back and they’re a fantastic conditioning move. But you should do some direct leg work because that’s the quickest way to get flexible and in shape in as little time as possible.

To give your legs some work, try kettlebell suitcase squats or kettlebell lunges. Suitcase squats are easier because there is no skill involved, but you’ll need two ‘bells. Lunges, on the other hand, require you to rack the kettlebell in the crook of your arm. But no worries because this gives you the perfect excuse to learn the kettlebell clean.