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Women’s Health – How to Prevent Osteoporosis

If you do not know, osteoporosis is a disease that actually weakens your bones. This can cause a lot of bad health problems as you can guess. Things like fragile bones can make them a lot easier to break. However, osteoporosis is not a disease that you have to live with. In fact, this is a health problem that can be prevented and treated very easily.

If you have osteoporosis and you let it go untreated, then you are going to end up with weakened bones that will break. Today we are going to talk about a few guidelines that women can use to help prevent osteoporosis. After all, as women age they are the most likely to get osteoporosis, and thus, they have to know how to treat it.

The first thing that you should already know is that you need to avoid a diet that is low in calcium and other minerals that your body needs. Of course, you also need to go with a reduction in other things. For example, you will need a reduction in natural hydrochloric acid in the stomach. That is because it will just accelerate the osteoporosis process in both men and women.

The other minerals that you will need to include in your diet will come as no shock to anyone. You will need certain vitamins like C, D, E, and, of course, K. However, that does not mean that you can forget about things like magnesium and phosphorus. You will have to make sure that your body is also getting enough silicon and iron. This goes for manganese, zinc and copper as well.

A few other things that you should cut out of your diet to help protect yourself from getting osteoporosis are things like soft drinks. Although you do not have to cut them all out, they can actually lower the calcium levels in your body. They do this by blocking the calcium from being absorbed by your body. This may also help you cut down on the amount of caffeine you take in.

Whenever you drink a lot of caffeine, this actually increases the urinary excretion of the calcium in your body. Although some people do not like to hear this either, you should try not to drink alcohol or smoke. Both of these can cause negative calcium balances in your body. Pretty much, the balance means that you are losing more calcium than your body is taking in.

Things like excess salt and, of course, sugar are not good for you either. They aid in the depletion of calcium that is stored in your body. Cutting down on these kinds of things can help you. Overall, just be sure that you know the overall goal that you need to reach as far as the amount of calcium you need in your body. It is better to have an overall goal as to how much calcium you need in your body than just to go into it blind. Remember that having too much calcium in your body is no good either. Both of these extremes are bad.