Bodyweight Exercises – The 3 Reasons to Use Them Today

Perhaps the question I get asked the most about bodyweight exercises is… “Can I REALLY reach my goals without equipment?” Well, I can’t promise to know what everyone’s “goals” are, but I believe you can improve fitness, burn fat and build an athletically muscular physique with only bodyweight exercises. So, if those are some of your goals… read further.

I think you’ll find that bodyweight workouts offer many benefits other forms of training don’t. And quite frankly, many of your fitness, fat loss and physique building goals won’t be reached if your don’t incorporated some type of bodyweight training.

Bodyweight Exercises Improve Fitness

Many people, even people in the fitness industry, are confused about fitness. It is not the way you look, or how big your muscles are. Fitness is about performance. (And if you really want to get into it, fitness is really about survival.)

And one of the areas many exercisers need the most work is moving their own bodyweight. Strength, power, endurance, balance, agility, coordination, flexibility, speed, accuracy and mental toughness can all be improved with bodyweight exercises. So bodyweight training is an important and necessary tool fitness improvement.

Bodyweight Exercises Burn Fat

Hey, we could all stand to shed a few pounds (myself included). And the truth is, you don’t need an fancy equipment to do so. As a matter of fact, I would choose a bodyweight workout over running on a treadmill or riding an exercise bike every time. There is no better way to challenge you whole body than doing a circuit of bodyweight exercises with little rest. (Try it for yourself instead of boring cardio and watch the pounds fall away!)

Bodyweight Exercises Build An Attractive Physique

I keep hearing, “Weight lifting is better for building muscle.” Well, that’s true. But I want more from my exercise program than just building muscle. I want to improve performance. I want to burn fat. And most importantly, I want to build a strong, capable body that looks great. Bodyweight exercises deliver on all counts!

I think you’ll find that when you use bodyweight exercises as a main part of your fitness program you’ll feel empowered. You don’t NEED a gym membership or expensive equipment to build a high-performance, lean, muscular body. And when you realize you can get a performance improving, fat burning, muscle building workout anywhere, anytime, you’ll be much more temped to take ACTION. Because, after all, action is what really gets you the results you want.