Bodyweight Workouts: A Guide To Getting A Great Start

A Bodyweight workout involves exercises with nothing more than your own body weight. A Bodyweight workout is not a new phenomena. They were used by the ancient Greeks and Romans. Warriors often used them in training.

These workouts might seem simple. There is no fancy equipment and no fancy machines. However, if they are done correctly and if the workout uses all the body’s natural movements (squat, lunge, stretch, twist, push and pull) a bodyweight workout will build incredible strength and flexibility. You don’t need a gym membership or even an exercise coach. If you are prepared to research and put together a workout that exercises all the body’s muscles, your workout can take place anywhere, and at any time. You don’t need to spend hours exercising. In fact, thirty minutes a day on alternate days is all the time that is recommended. In that time you can build strength, fitness and a lean, toned physique. Knowledge is power. The more training techniques you know, the greater the likelihood of your achieving the results you desire.

The great thing about a bodyweight workout is that no matter your age, strength, or experience level, you can be successful get a good session. Anyone who does a program like this will get results. Another good thing about these workouts is that they take little time-only thirty minutes every other day. These workouts can be done anywhere and at any time of day that fits your work and domestic routines. Because you are building a day of rest between each session means there is less danger of sore muscles and injury.

If you wish to combine a bodyweight workout with weight training activities you can. Thirty minutes of a day will accomplish wonders. You will look better, feel better, be stronger and be able to withstand injuries often associated with exercise. Regardless of age, state of health and general fitness, there is a workout which is perfect for you. With a little research, some trial and error you can discover the ideal program for you.

Warm ups are a critical part of any bodyweight workout. They warm up the body, stretch muscles and get them ready foryour it. Typical warm ups last only a few minutes. They might include: running on the spot, doing arm circles, squats, toe raises, jumping jacks and/or pushups.

These workouts might also include such activities as: yoga, calisthenics, rope climbing, running, sprints, isometrics, squats,, balancing, and jogging. The important thing is to ensure that all the muscle groups-abdominals, chest, back, arms, legs, hips, thighs-receive exercise within a one-week cycle. Include cardiovascular exercise each day of the cycle. Exercises to develop the upper body might include: push-ups; wall push-ups; pull ups, chin ups. Lower body exercises could include: free squats; lunges. For a bodyweight workout that develops abdominal muscles include: crunches and reverse crunches. When designing a one you might start with a combination like this: push-ups; pull ups; bar dips; squats and lunges. These should be combined with a cardiovascular activity such as running; treadmill; and sprints.

Practicing these types of programs will strengthen muscles, develop and trim your body and assist with weight loss. Best of all, they can be done anywhere, whenever you have time and require no expensive equipment.