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Yoga – The Art of Living

“Yoga” is a very popular word all over the world. People usually practice yoga not only with the intention to defend against the diseases but to know the spiritual world which will provide the ultimate peace, prosperity in life. The Yoga is an ancient spiritual form collected from earliest Indian manuscripts called Vedas. At that time Yoga was limited to the Rishis and Munis. And after that, the mantras and its applications were passed from generation to generation by word of mouth. In Patanjali, the Yoga Sutra was written for the first time. And through Yoga Sutra the philosophy behind Yoga was recognized. Yoga means spiritual discipline. In Hinduism, Buddhism and in Jainism the spiritual discipline is being performed till now through some different religious positions.

Why we will practice Yoga:

Yoga has some unique characteristics. It plays a vital role to enhance vitality, boost the metal toughness and make you spiritually sound. One could be mentally and physically strong if Yoga could be regularly practiced. Another thing people tend to perform yoga is to restrain or to camouflage their age. Nowadays, aging process is being controlled artificially for which side effects like autointoxication or self poisoning has been steeped in rate. Aging is inevitable. But if you practice Yoga you can hold back the swiftness of deterioration which usually increases with your age. Through Yoga we can hugely trim down the metabolic process of cell corrosion. Even Yoga has been tested enormously on some perilous diseases like diabetes, blood pressure, digestive disorders, arthritis, arteriosclerosis, chronic fatigue, asthma, varicose veins, osteoporosis and many kinds of heart diseases. So Yoga is gifted.

Performance would make you a Guru:

Yoga is tough if you perform it intermittently. You need to obedient in respect of practicing Yoga. The more you perform methodically, the more you are comfortable with Yoga. Even you could discover new posters or styles in Yoga which could be implemented in an unique way. What you need, you need to be master over Yoga. Love it passionately and practice yoga full heartedly.

You could be benefited more than your imagination:

The more you are attached with Yoga the more you are gifted it. The effects of practicing yoga are innumerable. Yoga keeps your body strong as it holds the stability of your body. You could regain your strength through Yoga which could be impossible if you do other exercises. Yoga improves your personality a lot. it progresses your endurance specially more healthy forms of yoga such as chakrasana, maurasana, ashtanga yoga, power yoga, bhujangasana. These asanas have some different postures and in vigorous practice of Yoga you can feel the changes you have with the progress.

So hold your breath, this is the most precious thing I am going to talk about. You will definitely achieve success without yoga, you will definitely prosper in life without of it and got innumerable things in life you are looking for. But you cannot explore yourself until and unless you practice Yoga. Yoga is the only method through which you can connect your inner and your outer world.