5 Home Abs Workouts For Men

When it comes to your abs do not pay heed to any silly talk that promises you a “fast reduction” in the flabby regions of your abs. This is just not possible. No gel or soap as promised by many can burn that extra bit of fat for you. You need to do proper exercises and maintain a healthy diet to lose that fat from your abs effectively. Here in this article some of the simplest home abs workouts are discussed. You do not need to visit a gym in order to get flat abs. there are some perfect abs workout for men which can be easily done by you at your home daily.

Go for stability ball rollouts

If you had been opting for crunches all this while, then now discard this method away and go for stability ball rollouts in its place. The stretch you will feel in this case is far more powerful than a crunch which is why they are quite effective in reducing those extra fats from your abs. This also involves lower risk because it avoids a spinal flexion.

Go for plank with arms on the ball

Get the crunches on balls replaced with the above. This method is better. Most men’s health magazines states that researches conducted on its effectiveness proves that they are 30% more effective than crunches on balls.

Go for x body mountain climbers

If you had been doing bicycle crunches all this while then get it replaced with X body mountain climbers now. You can work on the oblique of your abs without going for crunches repeatedly by doing this. Your lower back will stay very fit and healthy at the same time if you go for this regime as it builds endurance for stress in the abs.

Stability ball jackknives

To work with the lower area of your abdomen you can go for stability ball jackknives instead of reverse crunches. Back protecting endurance capabilities will also result along with the oblique in this case. Thus we find this technique more appropriate than reverse crunches.

Hanging knee ups

Your sit ups should be replaced with hanging knee ups to get better results. Along with this you can also go for a pull up or a chin up to find more effective results. Sit ups actually does not make the portion of abs grow taut. Your abs should look toned. The hanging knee ups is probably the best workout for the abs. The stress on stomach is good enough to bring out the results in this case.

So here are a set of exercises perfect to reduce and work on your abs even while you are at home.