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Children’s Nutrition and Children’s Health

Looking for some help with Children’s nutrition? If you are reading this, you are probably having some issues with your child’s eating habits and are concerned about you children’s health.

So you want to improve your Children’s Health. Now what do you do? You may need to ask the question, what are your kids eating?

According to a recent study, most kids consume 25% of their calories from junk food. Kids say that french fries are vegetables and were found to be the number one vegetable source. You may also find interesting that soft drink consumption has doubled, as most 8 year olds consume soft drinks every single day with the phosphorous in these beverages leaching calcium out of bones, and hot dogs, cookies, and sweetened beverages are among the top ten foods consumed by infants and toddlers ages four through twenty-four months. We need to take a look into the childhood obesity problem and help our children’s health.

Most kids don’t eat the way we would like them to eat. If you have a picky eater, it is especially hard to get all of the vitamins, minerals and other important nutrients they need to help their bodies flourish in this world of not so good food. Processed foods or junk foods are mostly artificial ingredients, unhealthy fats, and refined sugars that have empty calories, are stripped of their nutrients, and provide no nutritional value to your children’s health.

Children’s nutrition is the foundation of your children’s health to help their growing bodies get what they need. If possible, choosing organic, fresh, and whole food ingredients provides children of all ages with the nutrients they need for proper development, growth, and optimal health.

Starting with breastfeeding through solid food consumption and into adulthood, we have a lifetime of eating choices ahead of us we need to start early with the best children’s nutrition available. The list below shows the stages of brain development and the importance of an early, healthy, nutritional diet for your child:

  • From birth through age 3, children will develop 75% of their brain during this very crucial time and it depends heavily on the baby’s nutritional intake.
  • After the age of 2, your child’s diet should be moderately low in fat to avoid the development of childhood obesity, heart disease, and other health problems down the road.
  • By age 5, kids will have completed 90% of their brain development
  • Between the ages of 11 and 16, a major growth spurt occurs with significant weight gain and muscle growth.

The easiest way to guarantee that your children’s nutrition is up to par and they are getting the proper nutrition their growing body needs is to start them early on a high quality natural health supplement for children. Taking a natural health supplement for children is not a freebie to eating an unhealthy diet, so continue to offer healthy food choices to your kids.