Bodyweight Exercises Are the Best Way to Get Into Shape

From my experience, bodyweight exercises are the best ways to get in shape. Why? Well, for one thing, they save you a ton of money on expensive gym membership and fancy equipment.

Second, they’re convenient. You can do them anywhere and at anytime. I actually still use dumbbells with my workouts, however every time I go on vacation, or if I just don’t feel like walking outside to my garage, I can just do a high intensity bodyweight workout and call it a day.

My journey with bodyweight training started about a year ago. My goal was to learn how to get into shape with limited time and limited equipment.

However, I was still training with barbells and dumbbells. After all, I had a decent home gym. I began to notice that my bodyweight training was getting me better results than my equipment based workouts.

So for a while, I switched to performing only bodyweight workouts. The results kept coming at lightning speed. I lost more weight and felt better than ever.

I started researching new exercises, techniques and methods I could use. Eventually, I did go back to lifting weights. In fact, what I now do is combine bodyweight training and dumbbells together into one workout.

This simple technique has been really magical in helping me achieve all my goals.

I think this is a new trend in training. Because think about it. Bodyweight training is great for fat loss and strength endurance, while dumbbells are essential for building lean muscle mass and strength.