The Most Effective Exercises For Calorie Burning

There are exercises that will help you burn a significant amount of calories. Usually, there are 2 types of exercises that you can do that will allow you to burn those calories that you want to take off. They are:

-resistance training


These exercises involve large muscles being used for long sustained periods of time at sub maximal levels of intensity. They include but are not limited to running, stairmaster, bicycle, and aerobic classes. Some of the best aerobic classes are: fitness boxing, cardio kickboxing, muscle pump, zumba, dance classes and so on. The great thing is that there are many exercise classes to choose from so choose some that you like.

Resistance training

This is the use of weight bearing exercises and exterior weights that you lift to develop muscular strength, reduce body fat, enhance muscle development so that you can look better. The great thing is that there are too many positive reasons to lift weights. There are a couple of suggestions that I would recommend. First thing is to perform resistance training exercises where you use several muscles in one movement. For example, the push-up utilizes the upper body muscles of the chest, the triceps, and the shoulders. You get the advantage of using several muscles in one movement which is better and more effective than doing an exercise where you only use one muscle such as the traditional bicep curl. Plus, when you perform multi muscle resistance exercises you get the advantage of elevating your metabolism and you burn calories at a higher rate all day than otherwise.

Look into performing these types of exercises into your workout routine and reap the benefits. All it takes is effort on your part. Good luck.