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Men’s Health – Power Lifting Exercises to Lose Body Fat

Weight Training Basics for Men

Resistance training is an extremely important aspect for men’s health. Unfortunately, many men will workout and stay active in their younger years only to later fall off the wagon. You finish college, jump into your career, start a family and other things tend to take precedence thus the gym gets neglected. Then you wake up one day and realize you need to get back in the gym and get in shape. Below you’ll find some basic exercise concepts for weight lifting that are essential to men’s health.

• Warm up thoroughly – Don’t just dive right into trying to lift heavy weights. Make sure you do a set or two of light weights to warm up with and don’t burn out on these sets.

• Increase resistance and weight in small increments – It’s good to move up a little in weight or add a little resistance each set progressively. You want to continuously push yourself to grow, as building lean muscle is vital to men’s health.

• Use proper form – If you don’t use proper form two things may happen: 1) you may injure yourself and 2) you won’t be building the actual muscle.

• Always use a spotter on free weight exercises – This is imperative especially with exercises such as bench press or overhead presses. Without a spotter you won’t be able to push to your maximum potential.

• Make your workouts short but intense – This is the best way to develop muscle definition and also burn fat. Use this concept unless you’re powerlifting.

Use these techniques when you’re starting out. The amazing thing about lifting weights and resistance training is that you will see results in a short amount of time. Not to mention you’ll see not only physical changes in your body but you’ll also notice your strength increasing. The overall goal of men’s health is to build muscle and burn fat.