7 Reasons Why Bodyweight Workouts Rock!

Do you use bodyweight workouts as part of your workout routine?

You should. Bodyweight workouts rock.

Whether you religiously train with weights at the gym or are just looking for a simple way to get back into fitness, there are many reasons to make bodyweight exercises part of your workout schedule.

Here are 7 of them:

#1 All muscles worked out at the same time

When you do bodyweight exercises you are working out multiple muscle groups at the same time. This is more natural to the body than to just focus on one particular muscle group per exercise.

There is less chance that you will overdevelop one muscle group at the expense of another.

#2 Melt the fat

The fact that multiple muscle groups are simultaneously being exercised in home workout helps with weight loss. I think you would struggle to lose weight by sitting down doing a bicep curl!

You will find that an intense 15 minute workout at home will result in much more fat loss than aimlessly trundling along on treadmill for hours on end.

#3 No excuses

With bodyweight exercises there is no excuse not to work out on any given day.

There may be times where you have had a long day at work and just don’t feel like going to the gym. On those days you will miss a workout.

But if you have a selection of bodyweight exercises and workouts at your disposal, you can simply go straight home and power through a short 15 minute bodyweight circuit to keep your schedule ticking along nicely.

#4 Create go muscles, not show muscles

If you are honest with yourself, when you lift weights you are doing it for vanity reasons aren’t you? Heck, I know I am!

But with bodyweight exercises you are doing more than building muscle, you are building functional muscles that can perform. Bodyweight workouts make you fit for a reason not just for the sake of it.

Enhanced power, speed, agility, flexibility, strength, endurance and mental wellness are all positive “side-effects” of bodyweight training.

Professional athletes, martial artists and military personnel predominately use bodyweight workouts because they need to be fit for a reason. They need muscle that is functional and effective for the task at hand; not muscle that looks pretty.

By focusing just on muscle size, you are missing out on the many other aspects all round fitness. Build muscles that are ready to go; not just for show.

#5 Regain your mental balance in life

Go forth and regain your spiritual balance, grasshopper.

Seriously, exercises such as Yoga and Pilates have been shown to have a positive effect on your body and mind. They are also great for stress reduction and help fight off certain health problems such as diabetes and high cholesterol.

Sometimes we all lose track of why we exercise, but contributing to an enhanced level of happiness and health in life has got to be high up the list of priorities.

#6 More free time

Going to the gym eats up a lot of your day.

You need to travel there and back and spend time getting out equipment not to mention the frustrating moments of waiting for a machine to become free.

By substituting gym sessions for home-based workouts you leave more time for relaxing and spending time with friends and family.

#7 Get the “shrink wrapped” look

Bodyweight workouts by nature contribute to that lean, sexy, beach body look.

By putting your body parts through a wide range of movements, you are essentially losing fat and building muscle at the same time.

Sure, you might not build big bulky muscles like a Pro Wrestler. But at the end of the day, would you rather have big balloon like muscles that are about to pop or a lean, muscular physique?

The “shrink-wrapped” effect beats man boobs any day!

So there you have it 7 reasons why bodyweight workouts rock.

The great thing about a bodyweight workout is that it can easily be incorporated into a weight training schedule, as well as function as a stand alone workout.

However big or small a part bodyweight exercises are to play in your workout routine, make sure that you pick a bodyweight workout plan and stick to it.

Use a notepad to keep track of sets and reps to ensure you are constantly making progress and thus are on the right path to rockstar gains.